In today's challenging economy, more people are choosing to keep their vehicles longer than they used to. That means more people are driving their vehicles long after the factory warranty has expired. 
Vehicle protection plans are a great way to ensure your vehicle remains safe 
and in good working order. And they also protect you from the sticker shock that unexpected repair bills can cause.

What is a vehicle protection plan? 
A vehicle protection plan (or vehicle service contract) supplements the manufacturer's 
warranty in some areas and extends it in others, helping protect vehicle owners from 
the high cost of repair bills and providing a range of additional benefits and services.

Why should I buy a vehicle protection plan?
The reality is, most vehicles will need some kind of mechanical repair at some point. 
As your vehicle ages, the likelihood for mechanical repair increases, and with the 
rising cost of vehicle repairs, a protection plan is a smart way to plan ahead for 
future breakdowns and unexpected repairs.
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